Gordon Quinton – Discography


Solo or Main Performer
Guitar Songs, Clode Sound, CS-7933, 1979
Woodnight Moon, Pigeon Inlet Productions, PIP-739, 1982
Wildwood Flower, Woodnight Records, ACR-7067, 1986
Sea-Winds: Original Guitar Music from Newfoundland, Woodnight Records, WNMR-001, 1989

Compact Disc
North Atlantic Dance, Woodnight Records, wnmcd-001, 1996
Molly Bawn:  A Guitar Memoir, Woodnight Records, wnmcd-002, 2001
From a Christmas Guitar, Woodnight Records, wnmcd-003, 2005
The Yellow Sky, Woodnight Records, wnmcd-004, 2006
A Guitar’s Story, Woodnight Records, wnmcd-005, 2012

Member of John Lacey & Gordon Quinton duo
Side 1: “Brand New Tennessee Waltz” / Side 2: “Tall Drinks and Solitude”), Pigeon Inlet Productions, PIP-7310, 1981 (with Don Paul on standup bass) (45 rpm)

Band member of Ward Six
Ward Six, Ward Six, Cynda Records, (Division of Boot Records) CNS 1007, 1971 (recorded in 1970)
“Country Dream”, Big Wheels, Volume Two, Cynda Records (Division of Boot Records), CNS 1101, 1972
“Gold Watch and Chain”, Big Wheels, Volume Four, Cynda Records (Division of Boot Records), CNS 1103, 1972

Guest performer, accompanist
Lead guitar on all tracks (uncredited), Put Your Hand in the Hand, The White Family, Audat, 477-9021, 1973 (recorded 1973)
Lead guitar on all tracks (uncredited), John White Plays Favourites, John White, Audat, 477-9030, 1973 (recorded 1973)
Lead guitar on all tracks, Little Johnny Cameron, Johnny Cameron, Audat, 477-9059, 1974
Lead guitar on all tracks (uncredited), All Around the Circle, John White, Audat, 477-9072, 1975 (recorded 1973)

Lead guitar on “Old Mokami”, “Would I Ever Get the Chance”, “An Old Friend”, For the Sake of a Song, Shirley Montague, Quay Records, CS-8105, 1983
Lead guitar on all tracks, Come to the Altar and Him, Doug Lane, News Flash Sounds, EA 04, 1983
Lead guitar on Side 1:  “Precious Mother” / Side 2: “My Island Home”, John Lane, News Flash Sounds, 1983  (45 rpm)
Lead guitar on “The Wings of an Eagle”, Phyllis Noseworthy, Tradition:  Songs, Stories and Tunes from Newfoundland & Labrador, Various Artists, Pigeon Inlet Productions, PIP-7317, 1983
Lead guitar on “Cape St. Mary’s”, “There’s a Time”; accompanying guitar on “Listen to the Ocean” and “Outward Bound”, The Sea Calls, Phyllis Morrissey, WRC4-5507, 1987
Lead guitar on “Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s”, Phyllis Morrissey, All the Best:  Folk Music of St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Various Artists.  Pigeon Inlet Productions, PIP-7322, 1988

Lead guitar on “Anniversary Song”, “Even Now”, “If Wishes Were Fishes” (along with Neil Bishop), “When You and I Were Young, Maggie”, Where I Live, Phyllis Morrissey, Lorelei Productions, RDRCD247, 1991
Lead guitar on “Visions of This Land”, “Another Day of Waiting”, “The Harbour Is Empty”, “This Old River”, “Eagles Got To Fly”, “Only In My Dreams”, Visions of This Land, Harry Martin, Piperstock Productions, PM 002, 1994
Lead guitar on “Sleep Well, Bonnie Boy”, Woman of the Island, Phyllis Morrissey, Lorelei Productions, PM 001, 1995

Lead guitar on “Losing Is An Easy Game”, “Hush Little Baby / I See the Moon”, Providence, John Lacey, 2005
Lead guitar on “Medals Galore”, Free & Easy:  Songs from Newfoundland, Ireland and the Sea, Larry Foley, Avondale Music, 02 05221, 2012

Guest performer, featured soloist
“Mussels in the Corner”, Favourite Newfoundland Folk Music, Various Artists, Pigeon Inlet Productions, PIP4-7320, 1986, reprinted from Woodnight Moon, Gordon Quinton, 1982)
“Home Thoughts” excerpt, Women: strong and foolish and weak and wise, Wendy Welch, Coughing Dog Studios, Fife, 1999, reprinted from North Atlantic Dance, Gordon Quinton, Woodnight Records, wnmcd-001, 1997
“Christmas Medley: Angels We Have Heard on High (Gloria In Excelsis Deo) / Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella / O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fidelis)”, Christmas in the Harbour, Various Artists, First City Productions / Iceberg Alley International, IAI-9802 CD, 1998
“The Trail”, Many Songs, Many Voices, Pharmacy Solutions, 2002, reprinted from North Atlantic Dance, Gordon Quinton, Woodnight Records, wnmcd-001, 1997

Guest performer, featured duet
“Love Songs” with John Lacey, Atlantic Folk Festival, Boot Records Limited, B0S 7202, 1979  
“Mary on the Wild Moor” with Craig Young, Back Home, Craig Young, CY062410, 2010

Guest performer, featured duet with group
“Poison Love” with John Lacey along with Crooked Stovepipe (recorded 1983), Live ’n’ Pickin’, Crooked Stovepipe, CS 9443, 2013